SM organises a workshop on information security

  • Saturday 13, January 2018 in 5:32 PM
  •  Part of the workshop
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Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Municipality has organised a three-day awareness-raising workshop on information security at its headquarters, targeting department directors and heads and all municipal employees who deal directly with important confidential information.

The workshop aims to enhance police staff’s awareness about electronic and security threats ensuring the maximum possible protection of the municipality's information and data.

In his remarks about the workshop, Thabet Al Tarifi, Director General of Sharjah Municipality said, " Sharjah Municipality is always striving to raise the intellectual, scientific and cultural level of information security in all its human cadres, especially those who directly engage in important government information and data in order to keep abreast of the technological development in this field and the growing use of modern technology worldwide.”

He pointed out that the workshop comes as part of the municipality's continuous efforts to protect its information, data and systems from any potential piracy or risks that may affect the run of its operations or impair the quality of services it delivers to the public, adding that the municipality, through enhancing the awareness of its human cadres of information security, seeks to complete the project of rehabilitating the municipal system to obtain ISO certificate 2013:27001 in information security.

He stressed that the Municipality is exerting all necessary preventive measures to protect its information, while developing alternative plans for continuous improvement of its security systems and facing any breaches of these systems or any obstacles that may impede the smooth run of its work, pointing out that the municipality is always working to implement the best international standards in the field of information security systems through cooperation with specialised and highly experienced professionals that provide the latest technical solutions to meet the various security challenges now and in the future.