NMC, EPA develop new strategies to support UAE’s publishing industry

  • Saturday 16, September 2017 in 8:23 PM
  •  During the meeting
  • Sheikha Bodour in a group photo after the meeting
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Sharjah 24 – WAM: The National Media Council, NMC, and the Emirates Publishers Association, EPA, held a meeting Friday to discuss the future of the UAE and global publishing industry. The meeting was hosted in Multaqa Al Qasba, Sharjah.

 The discussion explored the means for future collaboration between the two bodies that would help the publishing sectors in the UAE and abroad to develop their full potential. The EPA is initiating procedures to boost the local and international publishing markets. The meeting deliberated on the mechanisms to help the UAE’s book market to deal effectively with its business partners at the international level. 

The representatives discussed the key challenges that face the local Emirati publishers, as well as the means to increase the work efficiency, in relation to the publishing licences, printing procedures by local publishers and distributors. The methods through which the EPA can collaborate with the NMC, as well as the facilitation of the entry and operations of international publishers who want to invest in the UAE, were also evaluated.

The NMC showed their willingness to support the members of the EPA by cancelling the standard import duty of AED1,000 on every consignment of imported books, and exempting it from duties on the import of new books valued at AED25 per title, besides the allocation of a fully integrated office at the EPA’s headquarters to deliver services to its members through the NMC.

Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and President of EPA, stressed the incredible efforts being made by the UAE to establish an international stature as a preferred incubator for thought leaders, publishers, authors, illustrators and intellectuals from around the world.

"Communication and collaboration with the global book industry is an essential step towards advancing local publishing – a goal that state institutions are working towards actively. This is in keeping with the directives of our founding fathers, who were passionate about creating a knowledge-based society. Today, we have started a new phase of collaboration between the EPA and the NMC, with the aim of establishing an ideal environment for local and international publishers. The objectives of both the entities are aligned with the UAE’s approach to supporting a knowledge economy and boosting cultural development," Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi remarked.

Mansour Al Mansouri, Director-General of NMC, said, "The development of the publishing industry aligns with the NMC’s objectives and strategies that are inspired by the vision and directives of the wise leadership. It also contributes towards promoting reading, and so, we are committed to co-operating with all the entities in the publishing sector. We are looking for every opportunity to enhance joint collaborations to produce more local books, and support more local authors and publishing houses. This will contribute towards reinforcing the local cultural movement and will build the stature of the UAE in this vibrant and vital sector."