SMC, DHR discuss ways to enhance national talents’ contribution to media work

  • Saturday 16, September 2017 in 7:40 PM
  • Sultan bin Ahmed, Mohammed Khalaf present memorial shield to DHR delegation
  • Sultan bin Ahmed during the tour
  • Sultan bin Ahmed during the meeting
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Sharjah 24: Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council and Chairman of the Sharjah Media Corporation (SMC), stressed that Emirati youth have the media qualifications and skills that enable them to impose their professional presence on the local, Arab and international arenas thanks to the support of the UAE wise leadership.

“National universities and training opportunities in the major national, Arab and international media institutions, as well as provision of distinguished jobs have also augmented the Emirati youth’s skills that empower them to contribute to national development and achieve future aspirations and visions,” Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed added.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed’s words came while receiving a high- profile delegation from the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in Sharjah, headed by Dr. Tareq Sultan bin Khadem, Executive Council Member and Chairman of DHR, at SMC’s headquarters Thursday.

 The visit, which comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation and partnership relations between the entities operating in the emirate, aims to familiarise the DHR delegation with the work systems and mechanisms at the Sharjah Media Coprporation and to coordinate between the two sides to upgrade the media work system that enhances communication between the government and clients, augments SMC with specialised national media cadres, and supports SMC’s Emiratisation efforts.

Upon arrival at SMC headquarters, the DHR delegation was received by several SMC senior officials including Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, Director General of Sharjah Media Corporation.

Mechanisms for appointing national competencies in Sharjah Media Corporation in collaboration with the Human Resources Department on the basis of a strategic partnership that serves the two sides' directions in cooperation between government and media work, as well as reviewing the challenges facing each of them and finding appropriate solutions, were also discussed during the meeting including other media –related issues.

Commenting on the visit, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed said: "The Emirate of Sharjah seeks to provide responsible media product that meets the government's aspirations to achieve sustainable development goals while simultaneously meeting the needs of the public.

“Effective partnerships among government agencies operating in the Emirate of Sharjah contribute to achieving this goal to develop the media and maintain the distinguished position of the UAE in all fields,” Sheikh Ahmed added.

He went on to say: "During the meeting, we addressed the challenges related to the development of the various fields of media work, especially the issue of Emiratisation. We, at SMC, are inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah who regards promotion of national human resources a basis of success for any institution seeking to be a partner in the renaissance of Sharjah and the UAE. "

At the close of the meeting, the DHR delegation members toured several SMC departments and sections where officials there detailed them on mechanisms for advertising about job vacancies and the criteria adopted to select and nominate candidates. The delegation members also visited several television and radio programmes’ studios where they met some presenters before stopping at the SMC’s Sharjah Media Training Centre, a leading national specialised centre for training national competencies in the field of audio-visual media.