Habash: 100% rise in electronic sectors, connectivity licenses

  • Sunday 12, July 2020 10:34 PM
  • Habash: 100% rise in electronic sectors, connectivity licenses
Sharjah 24: Amal Jassim Habash, Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs at the Sharjah Department of Economic Development, confirmed that the emirate has witnessed a steady growth in the first half of 2020, in the numbers of licenses in several activities and sectors that have benefited very smartly from the emerging crisis of the Coronavirus that hit the world.
In an exclusive statement to "Sharjah 24", Habash added that the number of licenses in Sharjah has increased by 100% in the electronic and connectivity sectors, in addition to other traditional sectors.

She pointed out that home licenses “Itimad” registered 1790 valid licenses during the pandemic period.

Habash confirmed that the SEDD has provided many facilities during the last period to the investors and customers among which is deducting 25% of the registration fees for commercial licenses.In addition, many programmes were directed to those who quarantined themselves at home due to the precautionary measures to fight the global pandemic.