SDHR implements qualification programmes for job seekers in July

  • Sunday 12, July 2020 03:12 PM
  • SDHR implements qualification programmes for job seekers in July
Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources (SDHR) is preparing to implement the series of electronic qualification programmes for the current month of July, targeting the job seekers, from the various scientific qualifications included in the department's system, from all cities and regions of the emirate.
The programmes are implemented using the WEBEX programme, shedding light on the essential skills of remote working and the responsibilities of employees who work remotely.

Discussing various important axes, the programmes highlight the principle of Virtual Work, including its means and challenges, as well as discussing the employees’ disciplines, which are the regulations or conditions that are imposed on employees by the managements.

These electronic programs are implemented as part of the Directorate’s plans to develop and qualify the category of job seekers, in accordance with the requirements of the labour market and the standards adopted locally and globally, with the aim of raising the efficiency of job seekers and developing their skills and qualification to enhance their engagement in the labour market.