Ibrahim bin Yousif :A number of development projects are being prepared in Kalba

  • Monday 17, July 2017 in 6:57 PM
  • Group photo
Sharjah 24: Ibrahim bin Yousif, Chairman of the Kalab Fishermen's Association, praised the unlimited support of the fishing sector and its employees in the city of Kalba by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.
He said in a statement  to "Sharjah 24" that there are a number of development projects by the fishing sector in Kalba and those projects will have positive repercussions for now and future. 
He revealed the receipt of his management of the new ice factory, He pointed out that the factory is subjected to experimental work for 10 days to determine the quality of production of ice after raising its production capacity to 30 tons per day.
Bin Yousif expressed satisfaction among the fishermen after the launch of the factory, which meets their daily requirements of ice used in the conservation of fish.
In connection with the efforts of the Association to improve the fishing sector and meet the needs of fishermen in the city of Kalba, whom they are around  550 fishermen, the authority will make the port of Kalba more deeper, to ensure the elimination of sediments at the bottom of the port to facilitate the movement of boats.