Khorfakkan Municipality launches E- library on its internal page

  • Sunday 16, July 2017 in 5:14 PM
Sharjah 24: In line with the directives of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan declaring 2016 as the ‘Year of Giving’ in the country, the Khorfakkan Municipality has launched “E- Library” on its internal page during 2017.
Targeting employees and clients, the e - library, which includes a collection of various books, comes in line with municipality’s endeavour to develop all kinds of information in the municipality libraries to meet the cultural needs of the employees.

Fawziyah Rashid Al Qadhi, Chairperson of Khorfakkan Municipality stated that the e-library aims to develop and refine employees' personality, enhance their hidden talents and improve their thinking, as well as invest the minds and culture of the municipality employees to improve the level of government work towards better and more productive levels.

The e- library also intends to increase the level of services of the Department, invest time and benefit the employee in a manner that reflects on the working environment.