Talal Abdullah: 1219 beneficiaries of social aid in Khorfakkan

  • Friday 22, May 2020 08:29 AM
  • Talal Abdullah: 1219 beneficiaries of social aid in Khorfakkan
Sharjah24: Talal Ali Abdullah, Acting Director of the Sharjah Social Services Department (SSSD) branch in Khorfakkan, said that the department continues to provide home health care services to 243 cases of the elderly.
Talal Ali Abdullah, stated in statements to "Sharjah 24", that in light of the procedures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, the department is working on a remote work system, to provide various services, except for services that require field presence, including care for bedridden and emergency cases.

Abdullah pointed out that about 1219 cases benefit from the social assistance services provided by the department to registered low-income and vulnerable people.

The Acting Director of SSSD branch in Khorfakkan pointed out that the completion of transactions and requests of associates are done regularly, through "remote" means of communication, including e-mail and "WhatsApp" service.

On the initiative " Eid Joy", which aims to spread joy and happiness in the hearts of the various social groups, Talal Ali Abdullah confirmed the distribution of about 100 gifts to the beneficiaries of orphans and people with low incomes.