SCHS trains persons with disabilities at SIA

  • Tuesday 20, June 2017 in 1:21 PM
  • During the training programme at SIAA
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Sharjah 24: The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, SCHS, concluded its training programme of the SCHS Masarat Center for Development & Empowerment, at the Sharjah International Airport Authority (SIAA), to enable persons with disabilities to acquire professional skills throughout guidance, training, and employment.

Mahmoud Yousuf Al Ali, Training Coordinator at the Sharjah International Airport Authority (SIAA) hailed the dedication of the trainees and their continuous efforts to prove their determining trustworthiness. 

From his side, Saeed Butti Hadeed, Head of Masarat Centre for Development and Empowerment, thanked Sharjah Airport Authority for its fruitful cooperation in training persons with disabilities, stressing the Center's continuous efforts to train and employ them in several fields and various institutions, which enable them to integrate in the community.