Dhofar University Faculty of Arts’ Dean visits SCHS

  • Monday 20, January 2020 05:04 PM
  • Dhofar University Faculty of Arts’ Dean visits SCHS
Sharjah 24: Dr. Khalid Al Mashikhi, Dean of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences at the Dhofar University in the Sultanate of Oman, confirmed that the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is keen to educate and train people with disabilities, in accordance with international best practices in line with its leadership in this field.
Al Mashikhi said: “The SCHS keeps up with the latest developments in the services it renders to persons with disabilities, in the field of supportive technologies and modern scientific methods. It attaches a considerable attention to educating community members inviting them, on various occasions, to talk about disability and establish the principles of social responsibility each according to his or her capabilities and potentials.”

Al Mashikhi’s words came during a visit he made, on Sunday January 19, 2020, to the SCHS, where he was received by Mona AbdulKarim Al Yafii, Director of SCHS, with the aim of reviewing the most important services provided to its students.

He explained that Dhofar University is in the process of establishing a centre to receive students with disabilities who wish to continue their higher education. To achieve this, Al Mashikhi added, the university should be prepared and equipped to receive them not to mention the necessary to train both the administrative and educational staff to properly deal with this important segment of the society.

The visit comes as a fruitful result of the SCHS’ participation in the “Accessibility to Knowledge Content for Persons with Disabilities”, which was organised by the Hashemite University in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in November 2019, where the university delegation was also taking part in.

Al Mashikhi showed great interest in learning about the SCHS to benefit from its expertise in this field and to establish a fruitful cooperation. His desire was arisen by the keynote speech Al Yafie delivered at the Conference.

Al Mashikhi pointed out that the educational level the SCHS provides is no less than the most prestigious global levels, praising the various educational methods SCHS provides to its students and its keenness to develop their skills in various fields.