Al Midfa: Media a strategic partner of Shams initiatives

  • Thursday 16, January 2020 07:52 PM
  • Al Midfa: Media a strategic partner of Shams initiatives
Sharjah 24: Sharjah Media City (Shams), has organised a session and a tour for media professionals at its headquarters, as part of its efforts to enhance cooperation with the media, and to publicise its current and future plans.
Dr. Khalid Omar Al Midfa Chairman of Shams, stressed the importance of the pivotal and effective role that the various media play in transmitting facts and events, clarifying the image, publishing documented and correct information to the public, and formulating this image creatively.

In an exclusive statement to “Sharjah 24”, Al Midfa expressed his appreciation for the efforts of media professionals and journalists, considering media a strategic and real partner in highlighting all the initiatives and projects of "Shams", which aims to advance the wheel of economic development in the emirate, and seeks to embrace talents and enhance the spirit of creativity and excellence.

Al Midfa described media professionals and journalists as a source of building community thought and culture.