Discuss books and more at Al Noor Island’s monthly book club

  • Thursday 21, November 2019 04:30 PM
  • Discuss books and more at Al Noor Island’s monthly book club
Sharjah24 : Ever read a book you cannot stop thinking or talking about? Or one that shaped your thinking, changed your life, or just made you fall in love with the written word? Well now, the Literature Pavilion at Sharjah’s architectural and natural wonder - Al Noor Island (ANI) brings you the opportunity to share all these thoughts and much more at the monthly 'Bring Your Own Book' book club event, starting this Saturday ,November 23, at 5:00 pm.
Held to promote Sharjah’s love for books and culture, which has gained special significance this year as the emirate celebrates its UNESCO recognition as World Book Capital 2019, ANI’s monthly book club event at the Literature Pavilion will continue until March 2020.

Set in a scenic locale amidst the lush landscape of ANI, with the sounds and sights of nature and spectacular architecture for company, the Literature Pavilion is truly the spot for book lovers to have conversations about literature and share their passion for books.

At the 'Bring Your Own Book’ event, members and visitors can discuss the books that have made an impact on them or provide insights into what they are reading.

For both avid book lovers and those looking to cultivate the reading habit, ‘Bring Your Own Book' offers a vibrant and open discussion space. These sessions seek to broaden readers’ horizons, help them gain exposure to varied genres, open their minds to new cultures and authors, and connect with fellow readers in the UAE.

The scheduled dates for the ‘Bring Your Own Book’ book club event this year are November 23 and December 21. The sessions will continue in 2020 on January 18, February 22, and March 21.

To book a spot, register online at info@alnoorisland.ae, call on 06 - 506 7000, or simply walk in with a book in hand to attend the event. Refreshments will be served.