‘Rubu Qarn’, FEWA raise awareness on consumption rationalisation

  • Tuesday 22, October 2019 08:33 PM
Sharjah24 – WAM: The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) the government entity tasked with developing electricity and water services in the Northern Emirates, has signed an agreement with Sharjah’s "Rubu Qarn" foundation to raise public awareness over the importance of rationalising the consumption of energy and water.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), was signed on the sidelines of the authority’s participation at the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition, and its main objectives include setting up a joint work strategy and specific coordination procedures to promote a culture of rationalisation among community members.

The FEWA’s Director-General, Mohammed Saleh, signed the agreement, along with Sheikha Aisha Khalid Al Qasimi, Board Member at the "Rubu Qarn" Foundation.

The two parties will cooperate to launch and adopt initiatives and technologies that guarantee the conservation of resources, as well as to promote alternative energy sources and best practices in the sector.

"We are working according to a clear plan," said Mohammed Saleh. "Our plan aims to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the UAE and ensure the sustainable supply of electricity and water services meets the sector’s highest standards and enhances the UAE’s position on global competitiveness indexes."

"Spreading this culture of rationalisation among consumers of all segments is an essential part of our ongoing efforts to conserve our natural resources, reduce emissions, and ensure the security of the energy and water sectors in the country," he added. "

Sheikha Aisha Al Qasimi said, "We have formed this constructive partnership with an objective to create an innovative, efficient, and capable generation that can create new solutions to enhance energy and water efficiency; a generation that is aware of the importance of rationalising energy consumption, preserving natural resources, and achieving sustainable development in the UAE. We have high hopes for this partnership to bring positive outcomes in the period ahead."

As per its commitments in the agreement, the FEWA will install water-saving devices in Rubu Qarn’s facilities, provide technical support for initiatives that seek to ensure a more efficient consumption of electricity and prepare periodic reports documenting the rates of reduction in electricity and water consumption in these facilities.

For its part, "Rubu Qarn" shall work to establish a culture of responsible consumption of electricity and water among the various segments of the community it interacts with.