We have so much to learn from SCLD: Dr. George J. Hagerty

  • Wednesday 16, October 2019 09:36 PM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Centre for Learning Difficulties (SCLD) is holding the second edition of the Learning Difficulties Conference at the Faculty of Medicine in University of Sharjah for two days the under the slogan "For a Better Life".
On the sidelines of the conference, Sharjah24 met with Dr. George J. Hagerty, President of Beacon College where he lauded the efforts of SCLD in organising such a “magnificent display of the importance of learning and attention issues.”

President of Beacon College valued the learning opportunities presented at the conference, saying: “Beacon College is the number one ranked school for this area in the United States. But, we have so much to learn from some of the work of SCLD here and it is always a pleasure to come back.”

He also stressed the global importance if the issues in this conference, as they are so vital, not only for individuals with disabilities in Sharjah but also for all around the world.

“All of these issues are learning and attention issues, which are very important; it is 15% of the world’s population,” he concluded.