SM inaugurates “Saheb” service to draw the wastewater

  • Wednesday 16, October 2019 02:14 PM
  • SM inaugurates “Saheb” service to draw the wastewater
Sharjah24: Sharjah Municipality (SM) inaugurated in the fifth industrial zone building the services of water draw sewage and investment tank service "Saheb" for the draw of wastewater in presence of Thabet Salem Al Tarifi, Director General of Sharjah Municipality and a number of directors.
Al Tarifi, emphasised the SM role in enhancing the Sharjah’s buildings in the highest criteria’s to produce the best services for the city therefor SM launched “Saheb” service for wastewater draw for residential and commercial buildings in areas where there is no sewage network.

Eng. Hasan Al Tifaq, Assistant Director General for Agriculture and Environment, said the service is done through the electronic system to transfer the application smartly to one of the vacant sewage suction tanks, and the customer is notified of the arrival of the tank 3 times through text messages in three different languages.