SCC Committee prepares its recommendations on SLSDA policy

  • Thursday 23, May 2019 04:16 PM
  • SCC Committee prepares its recommendations on SLSDA policy
Sharjah24: The Drafting Committee of the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC), headed by His Excellency Ayman Othman Al Barout, Chairman of the Committee, held a meeting at SCC headquarters in Sharjah to discuss the draft recommendations to be presented to the Board during its next meeting on the recommendations for discussing the policy of the Sharjah Labour Standards Development Authority (SLSDA).
During the meeting, the committee stressed the importance of empowering and supporting the role of the SLSDA in carrying out its vital tasks to provide the best services and apply the highest standards of providing an attractive environment for workers, raising awareness and developing workers in all sectors of work.

The Committee approved the formulation of recommendations on the work, functions and terms of reference of the Commission, in preparation for submission to the Sharjah Consultative Council at its next session for consideration and approval.