Sami Al Jaber: fanaticism is a negative thing in sport

  • Thursday 23, May 2019 09:17 AM
  • Sami Al Jaber: fanaticism is a negative thing in sport
Sharjah 24: On the sidelines of the fifth Ramadan Majlis, organised by the Sharjah Press Club of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, to discuss the reality of the sport, Sami Al Jaber, former coach and football player has expressed his pleasure to participate in the Ramadan Majlis, highlighting the negative impact of sports fanaticism.
In an exclusive statement to “Sharjah 24”, Sami Al Jaber said, "Today we are discussing a very important subject, which is sport and culture of dealing with the opponent," stressing that the culture of dealing with the opponent caused many problems, may be in the sport and sometimes beyond the limits expected.

Sami Al-Jaber said that fanaticism sounds like a time bomb in the field of sport, which may cause losses of human life, as happened in some countries.

Concluding his statement, Al Jaber has praised the outcomes of the session in highlighting the importance of coming up with solutions that help to stop such negative phenomena.