Al Midfa: Our 45th National Day is a success story

  • Thursday 01, December 2016 in 3:44 PM
  • Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Expo Centre Sharjah CEO
Sharjah 24: Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Expo Centre Sharjah CEO, confirmed that the UAE’s 45th National Day is a success story inscribed by the founders with unyielding will and determination and was deeply perpetuated thanks to the vision of the unmatched wise leadership whose ambitions are limitless, steadily leading the nation toward the future with inexhaustible positive vigor.

He said that the 45th National Day is an opportunity to renew our loyalty and belonging to the country and its wise leadership and rulers of emirates who made the happiness and prosperity of the citizens a top priority despite challenges and crises being witnessed by neighbouring countries.

He added we are proud we are Emiratis and the sons of Zayed and Khalifa. We have high pride in our country that made the government’s function to please society and citizens a means to achieve sustainable development by establishing the Ministry of Happiness, the first – of – its – kind ministry in the world. He added that we are proud that the UAE is a country of matchless coexistence, tolerance and giving and a host of Expo 2020 as well as one of the world’s best countries of the 21st century.  

He concluded: on 2 December, we reminisce the countless achievements made by the UAE over the past four and a half decades, remember the founding fathers and our leadership in which we have pride. We as well remember our martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland.