Khorfakkan Municipality organises a forum for elderly

  • Friday 22, February 2019 07:05 AM
Sharjah24: As part of its “Year of Tolerance” Initiatives, the Khorfakkan Municipality on Thursday organised a heritage and social gathering for the elderly from different parts of the city at the headquarters of the Municipality in Al Mudaifi.
The forum aims at emphasising the importance of honouring older people and highlighting their social role in the upbringing of generations, in accordance with the UAE's ethics, customs and traditions.

The activities of the forum included a number of competitions focusing on the heritage aspects, and aimed at transferring the knowledge of adults and their experiences in different professions.

The Khorfakkan Municipality has been keen to honour the support and cooperation in organising the forum, including the Department of Social Services, in addition to distributing gifts to the audience.