Cave trapping Thai footballers closed: officials

  • Thursday 12, July 2018 in 5:31 PM
  • Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn during a press briefing
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: The cave that trapped 12 young Thai footballers and their coach for more than two weeks in northern Thailand's Chiang Rai has been closed, officials said at a press briefing Wednesday after all the trapped people were successfully delivered.
According to the Thai authorities, the rescued footballers and their coach are all in sound physical condition and are currently receiving treatment at hospital.
In addition to tending the rescued people, the local government has also worked to close the cave so that no more people would enter and get trapped.
"The governor ordered me to close the cave. And it was already completely closed at 10:00 Wednesday, with fences put up around denying entrance for anyone. All the things inside the cave were just left there. Nobody could get inside, as we will stand guard 24 hours a day," said Chongklai Worapongsathorn, deputy director-general of the Department of National Parks.
Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn expressed his thanks to foreign divers and rescue teams from more than 10 countries including China, the United States, Britain and Australia. He said that it was the joint efforts of Thai and international rescuers that had helped accomplish the mission that was originally impossible.