‘Taliban’ attack on Afghan army bases leaves scores dead

  • Thursday 12, July 2018 in 5:28 PM
  • Afghani soldiers are seen at a military base after a ‘Taliban’ suicide attack – Archived
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Coordinated ‘Taliban’ attacks on two Afghan army bases and three checkpoints in the country's northern Kunduz province late Wednesday left scores dead, according to officials.
However, figures provided Thursday about the attack in Dasht-e- Archi district varied between officials.
Mohammad Yosuf Ayoubi, a provincial council member, said between 20 to 25 Afghan army soldiers were killed after ‘Taliban’ forces attacked the posts. He said the number of injured is unknown and that local government officials were not providing figures.
However, Zargul Alami, another provincial council member, said 12 soldiers were killed and dozens of others had been injured in a three-hour-long firefight.
Government officials have yet to comment on the issue. 
‘Taliban’ spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said around 16 soldiers were killed and wounded in the attack. 
Kunduz is one of the most volatile provinces in northern Afghanistan. The ‘Taliban’ has an active presence and controls several districts across the province, while others remain contested.