India, Pakistan claim to down each other's jets

  • Thursday 28, February 2019 04:11 PM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: India and Pakistan have both said they shot down each other's fighter jets on Wednesday.
Reuters reports both countries have ordered airstrikes over the last two days, the first time in history the two nations have done so, while ground forces have exchanged fire in more than a dozen locations.

According to Reuters, tensions rose on Tuesday when India launched an airstrike in Pakistan territory on what it said was a militant training base.

Reuters reports that a senior Indian government source said 300 militants were killed in the strike, while Pakistan says no one died.

According to CNN, Pakistan says its air force shot down two Indian fighter jets in the disputed border region of Kashmir.

India confirmed the loss of one plane and said it shot down a Pakistani jet as it responded to the incident.

The Pakistan government's official Twitter account posted a video of the man it claimed was an Indian pilot who had been shot down.

According to CNN, India and Pakistan both control parts of Kashmir, but each claims the region in full.

Countries from around the world have called on both nuclear-armed nations to show restraint.