PCR horse riders paint the eastern coast pink

  • Thursday 28, February 2019 12:08 PM
Sharjah24: After 4 days campaigning near the west cost of the country, horse riders of the ninth edition of the Pink Caravan Ride marched to the pristine coast line of the eastern region on Wednesday.
Scores of residents who came forward to know more about this unique pink brigade cheered the 14 riders of the day as they embarked on a 19.6km journey covering the emirate of Fujairah, KhorFakkan and Dibba Al Hisn.

The highlight of the day was when scores of pupils from Sharjah Children joined the horse riders in a 2km trek in Dibba Al Hisn. The serene town was filled with the sounds of children while cheering ‘Pink Caravan’ and cheerfully talking with the riders along the way. PCR riders and volunteers were treated to a scrumptious lunch organised by Sharjah Children out in the open at Dibba Al Husn corniche, while the young ones petted the horses and ran cheerfully playing on the green stretches.

Earlier in the day, the pink riders kicked off their journey from Khor Fakkan campus of Sharjah University, and made their way to Khor Fakkan Hospital. During the 4.5km ride, horse riders interacted with citizens and residents who lined up on the path cheering and holding PCR flags high.

During the second stretch of the east coast journey, the pink riders stopped their horses and dismounted. Each rider then helped their horse groom saddle up and continue the trek towards Oceanic Khor Fakkan Resort and Spa, while the pink riders leading the horses.

The riders led the horses and grooms for a distance of 5km.

Pakistani groom, Naeem Mujhal, was surprised when the pink brigade stopped and dismounted.

Her Excellency Reem BinKaram, Head of PCR's Higher Steering Committee, commented: “PCR is about bringing the whole community of the UAE together to champion our cause of raising awareness about breast cancer, and the importance of regular screening to prevent the curable disease in its tracks. Today, riders had the pleasure of trekking with little children who got introduced to Pink Caravan and learned its objectives and mission.

“By involving the young generation at an early age, we build a nation aware of breast cancer, and the importance of screening to prevent the disease,” she continued.

Horse riders concluded their trek at Dibba Hospital in Fujairah.

The Pink Caravan Medical Awareness Committee shared the total number of screenings as 761in Fujairah. This included 692 women and 69 men, bringing the total screenings during the ride to 4579.

Throughout the day, citizens and residents flocked to PCR daily clinics which operated in Al Hisn Ladies Club, Dibba Hospital, Fujairah Correctional and Punitive Enterprise, Khor Fakkan Hospital, and Khor Fakkan Ladies Club. Free screening and consultations where also offered at LuLu Mall in Fujairah, where the Pink Caravan Mobile Medical Clinic is stationed.

Referrals from PCR daily clinics in Fujairah and Ajman were directed to Thumbay hospitals operating in the two emirates, for further testing.

Mr. Akbar Thumbay, Vice President- Healthcare Division, Thumbay Group, commented: “We are honored to partner with Pink Caravan Ride, the biggest annual event in the country for breast cancer awareness. Educating people about the importance of early detection and screening is the most effective way to raise the wall against breast cancer. Besides, the free medical screenings offered by PCR in the course of its journey is a proactive way to inspire the public to take that all-important first step towards safeguarding themselves. We are confident that Thumbay Hospital's participation in this event will further boost our own efforts in spreading awareness and hope as well as offering quality healthcare services to people.”

On Thursday, the pink caravan well be trekking in the northernmost emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, before heading to the capital for the final leg of the annual march passing by Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Louvre Museum.