UAE celebrities, influencers are undertaking ‘I Pledge’ to promote breast cancer awareness

  • Wednesday 13, February 2019 02:18 PM
Sharjah24: Numerous local celebrities and influencers are utilising their power and outreach social media platforms to create breast cancer awareness in the UAE and beyond. More than 70 have already pledged their support to the Pink Caravan’s ‘I Pledge’ campaign (#PinkCaravanPledge), and many more and continually coming forward to promise their support to this leading humanitarian cause.
The core message of the ‘I Pledge’ campaign is to call on every woman and man above the age of 20 to the upcoming Pink Caravan Ride – the nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign, for free medical examinations, breast screenings and expert consultations that will be offered by over 30 clinics set up popular public places and hospitals in all seven emirates, from 21 February to 1 March. A full schedule is available on its social media pages @thepinkcaravan,    
Starting from media personalities, artists, social media influencers, to breast cancer patients and survivors, the ‘I Pledge’ campaign has successfully roped in a great mix of community members, who have pledged to undergo medical check-ups and screenings during the ninth annual edition of the ride. 
At the time of this announcement, the ‘I Pledge’ message had already reached out to more than 3,876,100 people worldwide on Instagram. This kind of support has been garnered by the likes of TV presenter and producer, Mays Anber who has an Instagram following of 1.1 million; Emirati artist and theatre director Habib Ghloum; Syrian TV anchor Zaina Yazigi; Emirati singer Aryam; Khalid Al Ameri, Emirati media personality and social media celebrity with 451,000 followers on Instagram; Salama Mohamed, Emirati jewellery designer; Maha Jaafar, UAE-based YouTuber and public figure, and other celebrities. The quickly-expanding popularity of this important campaign is seen in the large number of community members who have taken up the pledge by posting it on their personal handles.  
Badr Al Juaidi, Manager of the Pink Caravan Ride, said: “The big successes, which were achieved by the Pink Caravan over the past eight years are mostly owed to the united and continued efforts of the UAE; characterised by public and private sector entities, media figures and celebrities, healthcare organisations, our patrons, and all members of community. 
“Today, we have been able to reach out to over 56,000 people in eight editions and are excited to touch thousands more lives only because people have understood the importance of shared responsibility in raising community awareness. The ‘I Pledge’ social campaign is an example of people’s commitment to creating a healthy, aware nation and secure its future.”
“Through the campaign, we want to highlight the role of individual responsibility too. It is absolutely incumbent upon every person who qualifies for breast cancer screenings for early detection to come forward and take responsibility for themselves,” Juaidi has strongly emphasised. 
The Pink Caravan urges every member of the UAE community, women and men, to join the ‘I Pledge’ campaign by visiting
This year’s Pink Caravan Ride will be travelling the seven emirates from February 23 to March 1, with the participation of more than 150 male and female riders from various nationalities who will travel across the seven emirates, on a journey of hope to fight breast cancer. 
During the seven-day ride, free medical screenings will be offered at over 30 mobile medical clinics and seven fixed clinics (one in each emirate). The medical examinations will be provided to all community members throughout the seven days of the annual ride, where free check-ups will be offered for 9, 000 Emirati and expatriate women and men. 
For the first time in its history, the Pink Caravan Ride will provide genetic testing to make treatment more effective for positive cases of malignancy. The ride also feature a mini mobile clinic this year, which will travel across the seven emirates with the campaign's equestrian volunteers, offering self-examination workshops and free consults.