Spray-on nanofiber 'skin' treats burns and wounds

  • Friday 22, February 2019 11:26 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: The SpinCare is a medical spray-gun that shoots a see-through, skin-like dressing onto burns and wounds to aid healing. Roselle Chen reports.
This device that looks like a big toy gun helps treat burns and wounds quickly and without pain.

SpinCare sprays a see-through, skin-like polymer dressing directly onto the wound.

Thirty-year-old electrician Avi Rottenberg was hospitalised with severe burns to his arm. The pain while changing his dressing was unbearable.

After five days of this excruciating, standard treatment, SpinCare was applied to his burns.

One treatment can stay on the damaged skin for up to three weeks and peels off naturally as soon as the skin under it has healed.

Nine of the devices have been distributed free of charge in hospitals in Israel and Europe, where SpinCare has received regulatory approval.

NanoMedic aims to launch SpinCare on the market by mid-2019, first in Europe and later, following FDA approval, in the U.S.