Italy restarts anti-flood project

  • Wednesday 20, November 2019 10:29 AM
  • Italy restarts anti-flood project
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Italy is considering to restart its anti-flood project MOSE after Venice, the ancient lagoon city was severely flooded last week.
The MOSE project, shorthand for Experimental Electromechanical Module, is an in-progress, integrated system of submerged gates that can be raised to the surface at three key junctures leading to the Venice lagoon.

It is the centerpiece of a plan that, when completed, should be able to protect the city from floodwaters up to 300 centimeters, nearly twice as high as those seen in the latest floods.

However, the plan had been delayed for several times since it was first drawn up in 1989. It was originally scheduled to be completed last year. Now the government announced restart of the project and vowed to complete in 2021.

Local residents in Venice are looking forward to the project, saying that they have waited so long.