Indonesian workshop turns waste into decorations

  • Tuesday 19, November 2019 11:34 AM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: An Indonesian workshop is turning industrial waste and chicken feathers into rooster decorations, in a bid to reduce waste and generate income for the local community.
As cocks crow in the background, workshop owner Tarjaya leads a team in crafting life-sized figures of chickens from factory waste such as foam, rubber and fabric scraps, covered with feathers gleaned from chicken slaughterhouses.

"When I saw the waste, I felt that it was a pity," said Tarjaya, who goes only by one name.

The 35-year-old employs around 6 to 10 people from the community who work as scavengers, traders and farm labourers in their regular jobs.

With their help, Tarjaya can produce 60 to 200 rooster figurines in a month, selling each for 250,000 rupiah ($17.80).

The rooster decorations are sold widely outside Tarjaya's town and even abroad, with social media serving as a platform to popularise the products. Most are used as decorations and some customers even resell what they buy from him.

"This is purely made from waste material. I really appreciate Tarjaya because he is helping people to earn more income," said reseller Mukhlis Kiting.

Indonesia generates 175,000 tonnes of garbage a day, according to its environment and forestry ministry. Local environmentalists hope this initiative by the workshop could help to reduce and reuse the industrial waste generated in Subang and Indramayu.

Meanwhile, Herman bin Anshor, who breeds fighting cocks, has found a unique use for the realistic-looking figurines.

"I really appreciate (them) for developing this rooster-shaped figurine to train these fighting cocks," said Anshor, as he groomed his identical-looking prized fighter, which minutes ago, was just attacking one of the rooster figurines in a fighting pit.