Thunberg rally in Canada runs into oil and gas counter-protest

  • Saturday 19, October 2019 01:53 PM
  • Thunberg rally in Canada runs into oil and gas counter-protest
Sharjah 24 –Reuters: Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg joined thousands of protesters marching in Canada's energy heartland Alberta on Friday, as a smaller counter-rally led by a truck convoy of oil and gas workers also converged on the provincial capital Edmonton.
A crowd of several thousand led by indigenous drummers with students, young people and families marched slowly from a downtown intersection towards the Alberta legislature building. Many held banners and signs with slogans including "be a better ancestor". Police rode on bicycles at the front and back of the throng.

At the same time, the honking horns of big rig trucks blared from a nearby thoroughfare, where vehicles emblazoned with "We love Canada energy" signs were driving up and down.

The truck convoy organised by pro-oil group United We Roll drove from the city of Red Deer to Edmonton Friday morning to protest against what the group called foreign activists campaigning against Canada's oil and gas industry.

"We're not doing this because it's fun or because we have a special interest in the climate or because we want to become politicians when we grow up. We're doing this because our future is at stake," the Swedish activist said.

Thunberg has mobilised a global youth movement against climate change. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said he hoped she would take a "fair and objective look" at Alberta's energy sector.

Friday's march, organised by indigenous and environmental groups, came as Canada prepares for a tight federal election Monday in which climate change and the future of the oil and gas sector are hot topics.

Last month, Thunberg met privately with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following a massive rally in Montreal.