Unprecedented heat wave causes massive salmon die-offs in Alaska

  • Monday 19, August 2019 09:39 PM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: Climate change and warming waters have caused the mass deaths of salmon in some parts of Alaska.
Large amounts of salmon are dying off in Alaska due to the unprecedented heat wave that gripped the state in July and caused water temperatures to reach up to 81.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a Twitter post, Yukon Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Director Stephanie Quinn-Davidson said she and other scientists counted 850 dead chum salmon when they checked a 200 mile stretch of river during a July expedition.

According to Sue Mauger, science director for the Cook Inletkeeper, fish can't get oxygen moving through their bellies in warm water.

Temperature can also affect metabolism and organ function, making the fish less able to fight off parasites and pathogens.