Shots fired in Australia's war on food waste

  • Monday 19, June 2017 in 2:58 AM
  • Australia's first recycled supermarket attempts to tackle the mounting waste
Sharjah 24-AFP:Australia's first recycled supermarket is giving food destined for landfills a second chance, as the government embarks on a major push to cut down on waste costing the economy Aus$20 billion (US$15 billion) a year.
The outlet run by food rescue organisation OzHarvest in Sydney takes surplus products normally thrown out by major supermarkets, airlines and other suppliers, and gives them away for free.
It is an attempt to tackle the mounting waste problem in Australia, home to 24 million people, where consumers toss out some 20 percent of food they buy with more than four million tonnes ending up as rubbish each year. 
"It is simply remarkable that in prosperous, modern-day Australia we produce enough food to feed 60 million people a year but every month more than 600,000 people -- one-third of them children -- seek food relief from relevant charities," Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said in April.