Henrik Von Scheel: FDI Forum 2018 inspired Sharjah economy around the world

  • Tuesday 11, December 2018 in 6:15 PM
Sharjah24: Henrik Von Scheel, originator of the "4th Industrial Revolution" (Industry 4.0), mastermind of the German Digital Revolution (European Digital Agenda), Board Member OECD National Competitive Council, expressed his hounour to participate at Sharjah FDI Forum 2018 as a speaker, pointing out that he was surprised from the huge attendees for the forum.
Henrik Von Scheel added that the UAE will be among the top five countries in the world to attract foreign direct investment over the next five years as a result of its leadership ability to develop appropriate strategies and address challenges and turn them into opportunities, as he confirmed that on Monday session at Sharjah FDI Forum 2018.
The originator of the "4th Industrial Revolution" said to an exclusive statement to “Sharjah24” that he read Sheikh Zayed inspiring book mentioned that the book including 10 Chequers implanted on UAE economy and the last one number ten discussed on the Sharjah FDI Forum 2018 to apply around the world.
Henrik Von Scheel took introducing a revolutionary paradigm shift to audiences of the forum. A venn diagram that revolves around four essential tangent of FDI: economy, business, social, and environment. He explained that by focusing on each element and their connectors, sustainability can be attained, which is the future of FDI growth. 
Henrik Von Scheel said that the economy and business to grow, proper training will have to be provided for the workforce to build on the necessary skillset. Pointing out that entities will need to focus on where their resources come from – whether natural or otherwise. Environmental footprint as well as social aspects will need to be considered to create a sustainable model illustrated.
The shift to artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean abandoning man, but aims to improve the quality of life at various levels, citing the application of the block Shin, which led to the emergence of more than four thousand small and medium-sized Block Shin, which means the entry of 8 billion dollars to markets, Increase the number of potential financiers.