SteelFab 2018 launches the SteelFab – Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019

  • Sunday 14, January 2018 in 2:17 PM
Sharjah 24: Expo Center Sharjah has announced that it will launch the SteelFab – Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019 during the events of SteelFab 2018, which will begin on Monday and which will continue on until the 18th of January.

SteelFab, which is in its 14th edition and is considered the largest commercial event in the fields of metal and steel industry in the Middle East, will launch the SteelFab Fabricators Forum at 4:00 p.m. on Monday. The forum will include a seminar entitled Industry 4.0 from Salvagnini Group Middle East, followed by the launch of the new award, and joint sessions in brainstorming.

Expo Centre Sharjah is proud to announce the SteelFab – Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019, which will be held in recognition of the Centre’s efforts to adopt best practices and to develop modern manufacturing requirements. SteelFab has developed several categories of awards, including “welding and cutting”, “Machinery,” “sheet metal,” “structural steel manufacture” and “pipe industry.” It also includes more general awards such as “Operations,” “Safety,” “Environment,” “Media Support” and “Employment of Modern Technology.”

SteelFab 2018 will attract more than 1,000 brands from the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers that represent a number of leading countries in the fields of welding and manufacturing of steel and metals. Prominent countries that are expected to participate include Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, India and China, as well as a number of UAE companies.

SteelFab 2018 will host the global Essen Welding & Cutting Pavilion for the first time, which falls within the framework of the recently signed memorandum of understanding between Expo Centre Sharjah and the German Messe Essen exhibition centre. The trade show will also host Schweissen & Schneiden fair, one of Europe’s largest gatherings of welding, cutting, and finishing industry professionals, as well as the International Tube Association (ITA), which is the world’s largest and most influential association for the tube & pipe industries, and which will be hosted at the trade show for the second time.

The event aims to meet the needs and requirements of the iron and steel industry and other related industries in the region, which include a full range of machinery and equipment such as laser machines, plasma cutting machines, punching machines, CNC machines, welding equipment and others. The trade show will also feature a wide range of technical seminars that are available to visitors from 10:30 am to 5 pm on the 16th and 17th of January, which includes presentations on the latest products that will occur during interactive sessions that allow the exchange of views on industry needs and it preferences.

The trade show will be open to traders and professionals free of charge from 10 am to 7 pm, where experts will discuss the most important topics in the fields of iron and steel, such as comprehensive structural steel installation solutions, innovative drilling and placement techniques, advanced digital processing techniques, oil and gas ores, and other related topics.