Al Suwaidi: Emirati-Russian Forum is a step to enhance economic

  • Wednesday 19, February 2020 09:20 PM
  • Al Suwaidi: Emirati-Russian Forum is a step to enhance economic
Sharjah24: His Excellency Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD”, stressed that the Emirati-Russian forum is a new positive step towards strengthening economic cooperation and developing relations between the two business communities at various levels, indicating that the bilateral relations between the UAE and Russia are witnessing a remarkable development covering all areas economic and technological cooperation, this confirmed by the volume of non-oil trade exchange recorded during the past six years, which amounted to 15 billion dollars.
He added to "Sharjah 24" that the relations between the two friendly countries witnessed an escalating and accelerated growth, which was strengthened by the signing of more than 30 agreements of understanding in many fields until the UAE became one of the largest Russian trade partners in the world.

Al Suwaidi indicated that these indicators are a starting point for expanding the framework of cooperation between the two countries, pointing to the keenness of the Department of Economic Development in Sharjah to contribute strengthening cooperation between the Emirati business community and Russia to benefit the economy of the two friendly countries.

Al Suwaidi called on Russian businessmen and companies to explore the opportunities available for investment in Sharjah and get to know first-hand the characteristics of the investment environment in the emirate, which is characterised by advanced infrastructure and modern and flexible legislative laws that protect capital and economic investments, except for its vital location as an international commercial center that provides access to all regional and global markets.

Al Suwaidi stressed that the forum represents a historic station that consolidates the strategic partnership between the UAE and Russia to elevate it to more spacious horizons, stressing the UAE’s keenness to sustain these relations and work to develop them at all levels, where the UAE-Russian partnership represents an important model in the map of the international economic relations of the UAE in the face of General and Sharjah in particular, which is based on friendship and mutual respect.