AlNeyadi: UAE, Russia have excellent eco investment relations

  • Wednesday 19, February 2020 08:30 PM
  • AlNeyadi: UAE, Russia have excellent eco investment relations
Sharjah24: Dr. Matar Hamid Al Neyadi, undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry, affirmed that the UAE and Russia are linked with distinguished economic and investment relations, as the leaderships of the two countries are keen to open the door wide for joint investments in the sectors of trade, oil, gas and manufacturing industries, within the framework of the distinguished relations that link them at all levels that would to support the partnership process and encourage mutual investment.
He added to "Sharjah 24" indicated that the UAE and Russia enjoy good and growing bilateral relations, and witnessed during the past few years an increasing momentum, especially in the economic, commercial and investment fields, stressing that this forum is a new and vital platform for completing the bonds of cooperation and exploring more commercial and investment opportunities in the markets of the two countries.

Dr. Matar added that the economic pillars of the UAE Vision 2021 based on laying the foundations for a diversified global competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation led by national competencies contributed to building a sustainable economic climate rich in opportunities and incentives, noting the country's keenness to diversify its economic base and enhance the role of innovation as an engine for development.

His Excellency stressed that, in light of the many common denominators in the economic agenda of the two countries, the map of future cooperation between the two countries is an open map to wide options, but the sectors related to innovation, technology, scientific research, advanced industries, artificial intelligence, small and medium enterprises are among the priority sectors.

He called on companies and the Russian business community to explore the abundant opportunities in the economic climate of Sharjah, pointing to the department's keenness to provide the necessary facilities and support in a way that would achieve mutual benefit for both sides.