China to grant tariff exemptions on additional U.S. goods

  • Tuesday 18, February 2020 10:08 AM
  • China to grant tariff exemptions on additional U.S. goods
Sharjah24 – Reuters: China said on Tuesday it would accept applications for new tariff exemptions for 696 products imported from the United States including key agricultural and energy products such as pork, beef, soybeans, liquefied natural gas and crude oil.
China will waive trade-war tariffs on imports of selected US medical equipment from March 2, as the country battles to contain the new coronavirus epidemic.

The exemptions, the third and the most substantial set to be granted to date by China since the start of the trade dispute with the United States, come a month after the signing of a Phase 1 trade deal between Washington and Beijing. China has committed to boosting its purchases of goods and services from the United States by $200 billion over two years.

Other products subject to exemption on additional tariffs imposed during the escalation of the bilateral trade dispute include denatured ethanol and some wheat, corn and sorghum. Some medical devices and metals including copper ore and concentrates, copper scrap and aluminium scrap are also subject to exemption, China's finance ministry said in a statement.