China, Russia sure to further boost economic ties

  • Thursday 06, June 2019 10:35 AM
Sharjah 24 – Reuters: The economic ties between China and Russia have entered into a new phrase and the two countries are sure to further boost the bilateral relations, Sergei Sanakoev, president of Russian-Chinese Analytical Center, said on Wednesday after a forum between Chinese and Russian scholars.
Referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping's Tuesday interview with the main Russia media organisations, Sanakoev said the interview has helped Russian people to know better about the Chinese leader and made them more confident about the future development of the bilateral ties between the two countries.

President Xi makes a very clear definition on the future development of bilateral economic ties, knows well every major project between China and Russia, and pays a close attention to every detail, which is important for the two countries to boost economic ties, said Sanakoev.

"The China-Russia economic ties are in a new phase of development today, and we are sure to further boost the bilateral relation, especially through infrastructure projects such as building roads, bridges and ports and building an economic corridor that has a wider coverage. This also shows that we are pairing the Belt and Road initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union," said Sanakoev.

The friendship with Russian President Putin that Xi talked about in the interview, Sanakoev added, has reminded him of his own relations with the Chinese friends that is built on mutual trust and respect.

Whether friendship between the leaders or between the ordinary peoples, Sanakoev said, friendship serves as a foundation for China and Russia to further enhance their relations.