“The Torus” – A special art installation perspective at Al Noor Island

  • Sunday 13, January 2019 in 1:52 PM
Sharjah24: One of the infinite definitions of art could be something that reframes how we experience the world around us. At Sharjah’s Al Noor Island lays an introspective piece of art that aims to question your visual fields by inviting you to look through to another seemingly familiar world.
‘The Torus’ by David Harber quickly tempts you to pay attention to your own reflection as you approach it, but as you get closer you witness how gorgeously it captures and mirrors the surrounding beauty. It is designed to make you experience an epiphanic science fiction moment, the shiny mirror-polished sculpture gives you a perspective of an alternate world. 
A 240 cm elliptical sculpture of double-sided stainless-steel portal manipulates light and reflections to reframe perspective by deluding the eye and stimulating the mind. Convex curves and a defining central void are the elements that make up the Torus outdoor sculpture. This piece of art has the uncanny advantage of distorting the spectator’s view of the surrounding environment. 
David Harber’s sculpture, the Torus, is perfectly polished making each and every angle worth looking at. A visit to the Al Noor Island isn’t merely an opportunity to see his work first hand, but this place also hosts a Butterfly House, art installations from around the world, a literature pavilion, a lush landscape comprising over 70,000 plants and 2,000 trees, a café, a trampoline pathway, and much more.