A Culinary capsule with anecdotes, photographs and recipes from Egypt

  • Saturday 10, November 2018 in 2:22 PM
Sharjah24: On the sidelines of the 37th Sharjah International Book Fair Dyna El Deif talks about her everyday inspirations, her favorite Egyptian dishes and trends to keep an eye on. Her book “The Taste of Egypt” brings the myriad flavors of Egyptian cuisine to the modern home kitchen in a simple yet impressive style.
Mixing vermicelli noodles with Jasmine rice and butter Dyna dished out flavourful ‘rice with Vermicelli’. On the side, she prepared a Mediterranean salad with mixed beans, freshly cut tomatoes and onions adding some green herbs. Finally, what she presented was a mouthwatering recipe with a fresh, contemporary design. 
“In my book the recipes that I’ve dished out are recipes that my mother told me over the phone. But then over 20 years I perfected them in my own way by slow cooking or tweaking the ingredient and then presented them in my book. I didn’t want those heritage recipes to be lost.”
While Dyna has shared several anecdotes in her picture book apart from her secret recipes, she shared one such story with her attendees as well, “The first time when I cooked, I was in the university. I made rice. But my mother didn’t eat it. She said that’s not how rice is made. The second time I made a dessert for my husband who had come to meet my parents to ask my hand for marriage. My mother had cooked so much that he never got to the dessert as he was so full”. She now laughingly reminiscence, that “nobody ate what I cooked for the first couple of times”. 
Middle Eastern cooking has always impressed guests with sublime appetizers such as stuffed-vine leaves, roast eggplant dip, tabooli or rack of lamb. Cook up a storm with silky cumin-infused lentil soup, sensational spiced meatballs and delicious artichokes cooked in red pepper sauce. These spices, will transport you, when you close your eyes and imagine a "Lawrence of Arabia" scene in your own kitchen. 
The recipes for sweet delights are designed to satisfy. While, Dyna feels “food brings people together” she is sure her recipes that come from the heart of her homeland In Egypt, is sure to impress the young and the old alike.