Critical thinking skills kids learn at Chess World in SIBF 2018

  • Friday 09, November 2018 in 3:34 PM
  • Part of the event
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Sharjah 24: Integrating chess as a learning tool for students has an enduring positive impact on their academic achievements. This is a firm belief of Alexandra Grishina, who conducted a workshop for students at the 37th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair.
The history of chess can be traced back around 1500 years which started in the North of India and then spread throughout the Asian continent and the rest of the world. The rules of the game and its name changed within each region. The first official World Chess Championship was hosted in 1886 and now, chess has been revolutionized with the invention of databases and chess engines. 
The session began with children identifying the pieces and their movements. Then they were taught how to strategize simple moves. Following the demonstration, the kids played a game against each other under the watchful eyes of Alexandra, who was seen correcting moves and helping the students think creatively. 
In a world where everyone strives to collect achievements, chess can help the progression. The children left the class with a little more strategic thinking.