Kalimat releases Two new titles at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

  • Tuesday 17, April 2018 in 2:14 PM
  •   Younis Book Cover, Tief (Shadow) Book Cover
Sharjah24: During its participation at the 10th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, Kalimat Group, the Sharjah-based publisher of Arabic book, will be unveiling two new releases titled ‘Younis’ by Amal Nasir and ‘Taif’ by Lizbil Jefara through its children imprint “Kalimat”
Kalimat Group will also be presenting a series of important publications by award winning writers and illustrators of children’s books, as well as a collection that have been translated into different languages.

Through its pavillion at the event, which runs from April 18-28 at Expo Centre Sharjah, the group will present publications from its specialist children’s book imprint Kalimat and the latest editions from its COMICS imprint.

In the two latest additions to the group’s portfolio, ‘Younis’ tells the story of a Down Syndrome child whose greatest love is cooking and reflects on the kindness he shows to the children of the village where he lives and their repayment of his generosity.

‘Tief’ (Shadow), translated by Amal Nasser, is a story about difference, self-respect and understanding. A young albino girl is both physically and emotionally different from the people around her. Through her journey, we learn that the pleasure of beauty is highest when it is shared with others.

Kalimat is the first publishing house in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing and distributing high quality Arabic children’s books that target children up to 16 years of age. With its rich portfolio of publications, Kalimat focuses on producing books with content that contributes to emphasising human values, such as friendship, simplicity, happiness and family, through creative writing and vibrant illustrations.

Since its inception, Kalimat has achieved widespread presence on the Arab cultural landscape and has won several awards in recognition of its efforts to advance Arabic children's literature. Kalimat was the recipient of the Best Asian Publisher Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2016 and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2017, in the category Publishing and Technology.