Ahmed Bukhatir the Brand Ambassador for the International Science Creative Schools

  • Wednesday 21, March 2018 in 9:11 AM
Sharjah 24: The International Schools of Creative Science has chosen Ahmed Bukhatir the "Ambassador of the International Schools of Creative Science" and to be its representative in its media campaigns and in various conferences and activities representing knowledge and the culture in an aim to give generations of youth with Scientific and technical capabilities without losing their Arab and Islamic identity.

On the night of the graduation ceremony, Ahmed Bukhatir gave an emotional speech that carried positive messages such as placing Islamic values at the highest level of life interactions and to advance in all aspects on that basis as there is no substitute for science to reach this aspiration.

On this occasion, Ahmed Bukhatir had launched a video clip called Linantaleq, "Let's Go" which motivates creativity, innovation and considers science as a weapon towards a better future. This video was filmed and produced in cooperation with the Foundation of the International Schools of Creative Science, where the Ahmed appeared in the halls of the school between students and teachers. This gave the viewer a beautiful elegance that is only obtained when science and creativity, meet art which is capable of delivering the desired message.

Ahmed Bukhatir also expressed his happiness with this honoured title as his name has always been associated with committed humanitarian and social work, which exactly what our societies are hungry for as he said, “This is only a step towards success in my mission and in achieving my ultimate goal, and it’s a good start for similar projects aimed at providing the best for society and for future generations.”