Fikra Campus opens in Sharjah on Sunday

  • Saturday 16, December 2017 in 10:00 PM
Sharjah 24: Fikra Design is proud to announce the opening of “Fikra Campus”, the first space of its kind to include a design studio, a co-working space, a cafe, a design library, and an experimental gallery space that altogether pioneer a year-long cultural and educational program. The Campus is now officially open to the public from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM and is accepting applications for memberships.
Fikra is a global award-winning multidisciplinary design organisation that acts as a catalyst for sharing knowledge and encourages an investigative and research-based approach to design. 
Commenting on the opening, Sheikh Salem Al-Qassimi, Principal and Founder of Fikra said,  “The formation of this project stems from the legacy of Fikra Design Studio over the last 11 years of continuously pushing the boundaries of design while incorporating a deeper understanding of culture in the visual communication sphere.” 
He also added, “The urge to initiate a creative space that fosters community engagement, cross-disciplinary exchange, and cultural production was remarkably compelling and an obvious step for the design studio to take.” 
Fikra Campus’s opening will also see the opening of its very first exhibition, titled “Making a Space”, which presents the making of Fikra Campus — a meticulous design project aiming for the development of a physical and intellectual space.  Curated by Salem Al-Qassimi, Making a Space displays the process of planning, designing, and developing Fikra Campus from within the finished space. It exposes all elements of the project — extending the process and allowing it to evolve beyond the handover of the design.
Earlier this month, Fikra also announced its first design-residency program in Sharjah, which is annual design residency program aimed at international and Regional designers who seek to conduct design research and delve into an experimental process of making.
The program is designed to encourage the creation of new work and engage in intellectual discourse relating to contemporary design practice and visual culture.