Safia Al Shehi reviews rules for building a personal brand

  • Monday 28, September 2020 02:08 PM
  • Safia Al Shehi reviews rules for building a personal brand
Sharjah 24: Safia Al Shehi, Media Professional, highlighted that a personal brand is a set of strategic steps that an individual follows to find a specific social, economic, family and moral position. This comes by maintaining a positive impression, based on a set of characteristics, experiences, values, skills, and personal behaviours in order to have an impact on a targeted group.
During a session entitled (You are your mark) organised, on Sunday, by Sharjah Public Libraries (SPL), an affiliate of Sharjah Book Authority (SBA). Al Shehi maintained that individuals managing their personal brand properly will able to build a good reputation, whether in their family, social or professional surroundings, especially as we live at a time that is mainly characterised by communication and interaction via the internet. Therefore, people who are unable to highlight their skills and talents are wasting many opportunities in their lives.

The session, moderated by Ghaith Hassan Al Hosani, Coordinator of Cultural Programmes at the Khorfakkan Public Library, was part of a series of dialogue sessions held by SPL, on September, with aim of addressing human development, self-development, culture and education, through the "Zoom" visual communication application with the participation of a group of experts and specialists.

Al Shehi added that the idea of the personal brand might be unclear to many people because they believe it is related to the common understanding of brands or to the consumer or material character. She pointed out that the focus of the personal brand is on the individual's experiences, personal skills, specialisation, while the normal view of brands are adopted on the behaviour of a team and their marketing skills.

She continued that the way individuals build their personal brand begins with defining the strategic steps and the story, on which the brand must be built, as well as the basic goals and values that must be based on. She also noted that the concept of the personal brand is related to many aspects related to psychology, sociology, economics, marketing, and management of impression, reputation and goodwill.

Al Shehi stressed that body language, voice, place and choice of words and the quality of clothing represent the front end of the person and represent 20% of building the personal brand. While the 80% go to personal scenes that answer a set of questions, the most important of which are your goals and values, your knowledge of yourself, and your skills, and time spent working on developing the brand.

She also addressed the electronic component of the effective communication plan, noting the importance of updating information on the internet, and the interest in choosing suitable content platforms that express the personal brand, and updating the profile continuously, including all accounts, in a consistent manner.