SIFF develops children’s abilities

  • Thursday 12, October 2017 in 10:44 PM
Sharjah 24:Sharjah International Children's Film Festival (SIFF) 2017, the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates and the region, has organised a various activities to encourage children and youth to challenge themselves by developing their creative skills in the field of cinema.
One of the activity is "guess", This activity depends on distributing 24 labels of films to test the ability of children if they can recognise the names of the films by asking the children questions require "Yes" or "No".
The FUNN,  "The Art " presented a collection of new films and posters produced by children and youth affiliated with the FUNN Foundation for the promotion and support of media art for children and youth in the UAE.
The activities also included "Pictorial Tricks", which allow participants to take commemorative photographs of famous directors while filming, and other images showing objects hanging from the ceiling, as well as other activities.