Sharjah Youth launches its summer camp

  • Wednesday 08, July 2020 01:30 PM
Sharjah24: Sharjah Youth, an affiliate of Rubu' Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators is organising a summer camp, held under the title "Let’s Summer", during the period from 12 to 28 July, in the middle of a competitive atmosphere that provides the participants with a free space stimulating creativity to achieve excellence and leadership in various tracks.
The camp’s programs and activities are implemented remotely through visual communication techniques, that aims to contain the youth in an attractive and interactive environment that suits their preferences and corresponds to their aspirations, discover their talents, develop their skills in scientific innovation, artistic creativity and sport excellence, and to them to participate in various forums at the local and international levels.

Sharjah youth announced the opening of registration for participation in the camp, for youth between the ages of 13 to 18 years, starting from yesterday up to next Saturday, July 11, 2020, till the completion of the required number, and those wishing to participate must register quickly through the website, as the seats are limited.

The camp includes a variety of programs and activities, whereby Sharjah Youth will allow its participants to fly to the space world through a specialised program within Science and Technology track, which includes various educational workshops provided in cooperation with the Sharjah Academy of Astronomy, Space sciences & Technology, giving the participants the opportunity to learn about space and its techniques, explain astronomical phenomena, study the sky, stars and the universe, as well as introducing them to the "Hope Probe" project and the initiatives of the United Arab Emirates within its global race to explore Mars.

And the participants acquire the skills of developing mobile applications at the Application Inventor program, through several axes represented in the basics of programming, and learning the concepts of application developer, so that each participant will be capable of developing his own application.
In addition to refining participants’ skills in the Literature and Languages track, through a Podcast program that will train them in the field of speech and oratory arts, reading and research in a set of workshops that qualify them to document an audio work.

The camp provides a specialised program to instruct participants how to plan small and medium-sized businesses and promising investments that serve the national economy.

The Arts track opens the doors of the seventh art world to the camp participants through the Cinematic Arts program, in addition to training them to create innovative paintings in the Fine Arts program, in preparation for participating in their creations at the virtual exhibition “Art Call”, which will be organised by Sharjah Youth in September.

The Sports track brings together a number of youths within the Sports Time program, which includes extensive training to develop the skills of participants by learning the basics of some sports, to maintain fitness levels and promote the health of participants, in addition to the Duathlon program through which participants are provided with the skills of running and cycling. Prepared, to qualify them to participate in local and international tournaments.