Lughati’s Summer Camp is helping children sponge up Arabic in fun ways

  • Sunday 13, August 2017 in 2:59 PM
  • During Lughati Summer Camp 2017
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Sharjah 24: In line with its continued efforts to create a knowledge-based society and improve educational outcomes for children, Lughati (My Language), the Sharjah-based initiative dedicated to furthering the learning of the Arabic language, has launched its summer programme in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sharjah Women Sports Foundation, and Sharjah Ladies Club.
Until 21 August, the Lughati Summer Camp 2017 is combining learning and play for children in a host of workshops and innovative activities being conducted by the initiative at various institutions in Sharjah and the UAE. These include the ‘Sports Summer’ camp by Sharjah Women Sports Foundation (SWSF), Sharjah Ladies Club’s (SLC) ‘Little Mushmush’ and ‘Creative Mushmush’ camps, and ‘Summer is Better with Reading 2’ programme by the UAE Ministry of Education.

The camp has also witnessed the launch of Lughati’s newest digital innovation – Electro Lughati – a game whose players match Q&A’s on an electronic game board to learn Arabic. Based on the 1980s’ classic Electro Quiz, which originated from its 1930’s predecessor called Knapp Electric Questioner, Electro Lughati is a great mix of leisure and learning, and encourages a spirit of healthy competition among children.

“This summer camp has been carefully designed to add a whole lot of fun to the process of learning Arabic, and keep children on their toes with gaining language skills even when schools are out of session. The various segments of the camp comprising fun, innovative workshops and activities signals a reinforcement of our efforts to creating simple yet effective educational tools for children,” said Badria Al Ali, Manager of Lughati initiative.
She added, “These workshops also create an essential link between us key institutions in Sharjah and the UAE dedicated to education and personality development, strengthening institutional partnerships to further Lughati’s goals to enrich the maximum number of children, motivating them to learn and use Arabic language in daily life.”

Electro Lughati features a game board split into two sections – one for questions and the other for answers. Electronic leads are plugged into each side of the game board, which facilitate matching questions with their correct answers.

Lughati has designed 8 question-answer modules for Electro Lughati, including the Arabic alphabet, vowels, spelling, proper writing, as well as the usage of letters in words, concepts, and storing books.

Electro Lughati allows two teams to compete at a time, enabling the insertion of unlimited question-answer combinations into the game board, making it suitable for a wide range of ages and educational capabilities.