World Pink and Blue at UAEBBY event

  • Monday 21, October 2019 07:51 PM
Sharjah 24: In celebration of naming Sharjah as the World Book Capital 2019, the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) has reignited the love of reading and literature in the nation’s young book lovers at a vibrant story reading and discussion session between renowned Emirati children’s author Salha Gabish and her audience.
Part of UAEBBY’s ‘Read. Dream. Create’ initiative which was launched in 2013 to encourage interaction between children and books, this gathering was an innovative attempt at bridging the gap between younger generations and reading by enabling a face-to-face interaction between them and the author.

At the heart of the two-hour discussion was Gabish’s latest book, Pink and Blue, published by Sadiqat Publishing and Distribution. After setting the stage with an enthralling storytelling session of Pink and Blue, the author told her young audience to read as much as possible to build their personality as well as their literary skills.

Gabish added: “Knowledge is the basis for all development that nations worldwide have been able to successfully achieve. Had it not been for books and creativity, we would have never seen the brilliant innovations, which continue to change the way we live. You are all lucky to be residing in a nation that gives you every opportunity to read, dream and create as you please. I encourage you to make most of these opportunities so you are able to meet your own expectations and those that your nation has from you.”

At the end of the session, the UAEBBY distributed copies of the author’s latest work to the attendees.

On the sidelines of the event, Gabish stressed the great impact these interactive sessions between authors and readers can have in establishing a closer relationship between them, especially on children and youth. She also thanked the UAEBBY and its ‘Read, Dream, Create’ initiative for the opportunity to meet her readership, saying it goes a long way in aiding the author’s creative process as she benefits from her target readership’s first-hand reactions and impressions of her writing.

The ‘Read. Dream. Create’ campaign is designed to motivate children and young people to read and develop their skills through reading, interpreting stories, and turning their ideas into stories. The campaign also aims to help better understand the needs of the Arab child and thereby identify the issues and topics that should be addressed in Arabic children’s literature.

This campaign has also worked to encourage all segments of society to participate and volunteer in activities they organise.