At home of Mona Lisa, a retrospective on da Vinci's life and work

  • Monday 21, October 2019 11:36 AM
Sharjah24 – Reuters: France's Louvre museum, home to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, has assembled more that 160 paintings, sculptures, letters and drawings from the Renaissance era in an exhibition to mark the 500th anniversary of the Italian master's death.
Da Vinci left his native Italy when his patron died, and spent his last years in France as the guest of the French monarch, until he died in May 1519 at the Loire Valley chateau that had become his home.

The exhibition, which opens next Thursday (October 24), shows 10 of the paintings now attributed to da Vinci, including those kept in the Louvre -- Saint Anne, Saint John the Baptist, The Virgin of the Rocks and La Belle Ferronnière -- and works lent from other institutions for the exhibition.

Last week, a Venetian judge authorised the loan of a few of da Vinci's drawings, including the famous "Vetruvian Man", which will be shown for two months only in Paris, due to its fragility.

Exhibit curator Vincent Delieuvin said the Louvre is "very happy" to put the sensitive drawings on display.

Specialists disagree on the exact number of works that can be attributed to the artist, with some putting the figure at 14 and others saying it is 17.