SY is keeping up with latest trends in phone,drone photography

September 19, 2021 / 3:37 PM
Sharjah24: "Sharjah Youth - SY" under "Rubu' Qarn" Foundation for Creating Future Leaders and Innovators has conducted a one-of-a-kind program titled "Capture Sharjah," which aimed at educating participants about the latest photography and editing skills using mobile applications and drones.
The "Capture Sharjah" program was delivered by the talented photographer Majid Al Bastki and the artist Mohammed Al Jasmi. During the workshop, they shared their experiences and introduced some photography techniques to participants like knowing the right angles, discovering new angles, building sequence, zoom techniques, video editing, and fundamental photography rules such as the rule of thirds, framing rule, and sizing rule to ensure image balance and symmetry. 

Participants have discovered unique ways of using natural elements like trees and plants to add unique aesthetics and colors to images. The participants were also introduced to 2 famous editing applications: "Lightroom" and "Photoshop Express," to enhance their image quality, beautify it and resize it to suit different networking platforms. 

Drone photography was one of the key concepts covered in the program as well. Participants have discovered the type of drones, how to fly them, the importance of recognizing air movement, weather conditions, precautionary measures, and identifying authorized locations using the "My Drone Hub" application. 

Artist Mohammed Al Jasmi has also introduced participants to additional skills related to image animation, video-making, montage, adding sound effects, and overall editing using Motion Leap App and Video Leap App. 
September 19, 2021 / 3:37 PM

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