SLCBs show flexibility and efficiency in overcoming circumstances

December 31, 2020 / 1:35 PM
Sharjah 24: Since the beginning of the global crisis of the emerging corona virus "Covid 19", Sharjah Ladies Club Branches (SLCBs) have shown their full readiness to overcome the current phase, and their complete flexibility in the continuity of work and the fulfillment of its community mission and achievements.
The club has been keen to achieve optimum harmonisation with the flexible approach followed in Sharjah since the beginning of the crisis, and to coordinate the gradual return with the full commitment to the highest health and safety requirements and to follow the circulars issued by the Sharjah Human Resources Department, and to apply all the standards set out in the guide issued by the Department with regard to the preventive measures and employee safety in the departments, authorities of the Sharjah government. With a view to ensure returning to the normal routine  after Covid-19 according to a well-thought-out plan that supports the club's view of a healthy and safe environment for its visitors and employees. 

In this regard, Khawla Al Serkal, Director General of Sharjah Ladies Club, explained that the Club has been keen on the continuity and efficiency of performance with its full readiness to work remotely within a virtual environment based on the best international technologies that enabled it to maintain the pace of business with its previous quality, and to develop flexible and gradual scenarios for easy and smooth return to normalcy.

"Safety of everyone has been the first consideration upon which the action plans were based, as all precautionary controls and safety and public health requirements were taken. In addition, a Covid-19 tests have been also conducted for all Club employees to ensure their safety, as part of the tests that the Sharjah government required to its employees in coordination with the Sharjah Department of Human Resources."

It indicated that the exceptional ability the Club had in containing the consequences of this stage; came as a result of a real pre-preparation; this enabled the Club to make a qualitative leap in its services and outputs as an effective social institution.

She stated that the Club's full willingness for the upcoming stage, and the inclusion of all today's realities and its changes within its next strategy. Pointing out that this crisis has achieved a new global shift in goals, plans, work environments and their reality. In turn, the Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC (monitored the needs and possibilities of the new year, and completed its preparations for all expected conditions.

With regard to the most prominent events during the last period, she explained that the Club has adopted digital and technological transformation in all its procedures and services, and methods of communicating with its customers.

Where all communication operations have been transferred to social networks, internal procedures have been carried out through digital scanning systems, and financial operations have been carried out through cash payment cards, electronic links and digital bills as well. Electronic forms have been approved for member reservations. 

"The Club has focused on virtual training for all its employees in order to make the most of the remote work period; by enhancing their capabilities and skills and ensuring continuous learning and development." She added.

The Club has carried out many awareness and educational seminars remotely; in many areas such as fitness classes and personal training, virtual lessons for many of the Club's activities such as ballet, arts, summer camps, and children's and talent programs. It has also provided several free consultations and advice in health and beauty to its customers over the Internet, and provided the service of purchasing and delivering products of the Club's facilities.

In this regard, Mrs. Amna Al Shanasi, Manager of Sharjah Ladies Club Branches (SLCB), explained: The work in the SLCBs continued during the last months with an utmost keenness to apply all preventive measures and precautions established by the competent authorities in the country across all branches’ facilities, activities and programs.

The SLCB's ten branches focused during this past exceptional period on pursuing their strategic goals and devoting its potential to enhancing women’s capabilities in dealing with emerging societal phenomena, she added. Emphasising the Sharjah Ladies Club's efforts in the success of the Emirate and the Country’s efforts in facing emergencies and crises. 

The SLCBs created many initiatives in terms of virtual programs. It also implemented its actual programs and activated many of its entertainment, sports, social and cultural facilities and services according to a gradually studied plan with the life getting back to normal, with a full compliance with the official instructions, sterilisation and prevention systems in place, and the application of all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

Halima Al Owais, Manager of the Al Hamriya Ladies Club, on her part, indicated that the SLCBs were keen to keep pace with the recent trend towards a virtual transformation in the implementation of its various programs and periodic activities. As all branches made their programs available remotely through various applications. On the top of which were the summer camps for children, workshops and activities of the Ibdaa Talent Center, such as art, decoration, collage, glass painting, and traditional cup making courses. In addition to language courses, sign language, fitness classes and educational programs for children.

She also emphasised that the virtual transformation of the SLCBs' programs came in order to ensure the continuity of work and the provision of services, and to adapt the conditions of the current period in a way that serves the achievement of the goals and preserves the quality of the outputs without being affected by the consequences of the global crisis of corona virus, Covid-19.

Moza Al-Washahi, Manager of the Kalba Ladies Club, spoke about the next stage of the gradual return, which coincided with welcoming back the members at the headquarters of the branches, and the activation of its facilities, activities and services along with a full commitment to all the preventive measures taken, sterilisation procedures, and safety precautions.

Where all aerobic services, Zumba and sports equipment were activated in the fitness centers across the branches in addition to the swimming pool activities such as training classes, free swimming, and Aqua Aerobics. In addition to the opening of Joori Beauty Center, and Marasi restaurants at the branches' headquarters also resumed, providing meals and receiving internal and external requests with a full commitment to all the preventive measures taken. 

She added that the club's branches have given health and public safety the highest priority; they were keen to take the most accurate preventive measures, and to raise its employees’ awareness; This enabled it to gradually and safely resume the operation of the facilities thereof. 

She also explained that all the SLCBs started implementing a number of their programs at their headquarters, most notably: programs for teaching Arabic and English languages, programs for teaching computer basics, courses of art and fashion design, and various innovative and artistic workshops. All of which were implemented with a full commitment to social distancing and public safety measures.

In turn, Amna Al Shanasi, Sharjah Ladies Club Branches Department (SLCB), reiterated that sterilisation at the headquarters of the branches is carried out periodically and repeatedly for all facilities, tools, devices and equipment. The commitment of all branch-visitors to apply the announced precautionary measures is also being followed up with a view to ensure the health and safety of individuals and society.

December 31, 2020 / 1:35 PM

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